What is the most popular flower to give on Christmas?

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Poinsettia is undoubtedly the most popular Christmas flower in the world. In this article, we have discussed everything there is to know about this fiery red Christmas plant that has become synonymous with Christmas. For Christmas flowers delivery in Knoxville, check out our special Christmas collection of flowers now!

How did Poinsettia become associated with Christmas?

There’s a beautiful Christmas story associated with Poinsettia flowers and how they became associated with Christmas. According to the story, there was a poor little girl named Pepita who didn’t have money or any gifts to celebrate Christmas or to offer to the church. With lots of sadness, she picked up a bunch of weeds from the nearby wilderness, bound them into a bouquet, and offered them to the altar. While she was feeling extremely embarrassed with her present seeing others offering beautiful and expensive things, her bunch of weed suddenly burst into fiery red flowers. These flowers were later known as poinsettias, and they became closely associated with Christmas from that day on.

As per the modern interpretation goes, poinsettias actually became famous as Christmas presents when a man named Joel Roberts Poinsett who discovered these plants in the early 19th century in Mexico, was fascinated with them, and started sending them back to the USA to his family and friends.

Poinsettia Buying and Caring Tips:

When buying Poinsettias, make sure that:

  • If you live in a cold place where the temperature drops to below 0°C or closer, always buy plants that are sitting indoors to make sure the damage from the freezing temperature has been minimal.
  • The golden-yellow buds between the colorful, large bracts of poinsettia flowers should be tight and fresh. If the buds look weak or damaged, it will be best to avoid those plants.
  • The soil for the plant should be slightly moist, and neither too dry nor dripping wet.

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After you’ve brought your poinsettia trees home, you should observe a few rules to ensure its longevity:

  • Poinsettias thrive in a humid climate with moderate temperature. Keeping them indoors in cold climate will be the best.
  • Don’t water them too often. Ideally, water only when the soil is semi-dry. You can spray the leaves and flowers with water occasionally, which will keep the plants fresh.
  • Keeping them near light sources are ideal. But you must keep them awake from direct heat sources like fireplace or room heaters.

How can you include Poinsettia in your Christmas celebrations?

Poinsettia plants look extremely good as their own, planted in pots of white ceramics, or other bright and colorful ones. You can also include just the flowers in floral wreaths or hanging decorations. Ornaments made of poinsettia are also common for decorating Christmas trees. Besides, sending poinsettias as gifts are another famous tradition for Christmas.

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