8 best flower arrangements to buy near Berry funeral home

For funerals, some flowers are better than others because they help you express condolences, sympathy, care, and support towards the family of the deceased.

Buying funeral flowers is one of the most heartbreaking things to do. You must do some research before getting funeral or sympathy flowers as you do not anything to go wrong at such distressing times. For funerals, some flowers are better than others because they help you express condolences, sympathy, care, and support towards the family of the deceased.

Here in this article, we have shared our bestselling 8 funeral flower arrangements that will suit all your needs. But before that, here’s a list of top 5 flowers for funeral homes.


    Lily is one of the most popular funeral flowers that’s easily available with Knoxville TN florists. White lilies are ideal for funerals as they symbolize sympathy, purity, and also innocence. White stargazer lilies also look subtle, calm, and peaceful. Hence, their presence is really appreciated in funeral homes.


      Christians appreciate carnations during funerals. They are a perfect choice as Christians believe that the first carnation bloomed from the tears of Mother Mary. Pink carnations symbolize admiration while the white ones represent pure love and innocence. Also, carnations are long-lasting flowers. Hence, a carnation bouquet is a great choice for funerals.

      Sweet pea

        Sweet peas are perfect to bid a peaceful goodbye to your loved one. These pretty little blooms spread their sweet fragrance wherever they are. Sweet peas are available in subtle colors like white, lavender, and pink. These colors are widely used in funeral homes. So, if you have lost a dear one, send them a bouquet of sweet peas. You can get the flowers delivered via Berry Funeral Home Flowers Delivery.

        Forget Me Not

          These blooms are generally used with other large-sized flowers. Forget me nots are small cornflower blue flowers that look absolutely beautiful in a flower arrangement. These blooms symbolize remembrance. You can either send a forget me not bouquet as a funeral flower in Knoxville TN or a potted plant dedicated to the one who has passed away.


            Chrysanthemums are one of the most traditional flowers often offered at altars and send to funerals as well. They are available in various colors like white, pink, yellow, etc. White chrysanthemums are generally ideal for funerals as they symbolize grief, comfort, and faith. In Asian culture, chrysanthemums also represent life and rebirth. Chrysanthemums are easily available with Knoxville florists like Petal Pushers. You can send them to the bereaved family via flower delivery in Knoxville TN.

            8 Bestselling Funeral Flower Arrangements

            If you are looking for premium and elegant funeral flower arrangements, order these arrangements from Petal Pushers via Berry funeral home Flower Delivery.

            1. Designer’s Choice WhiteCustom floral arrangement with white flowers and greens.
            2. Designer’s Choice Soft Pastel Custom arrangement with pastel-hued flowers
            3. Over the Rainbow WreathA circle flower arrangement with different colored flowers like roses, sunflowers, gerbera, and lilies, with appropriate greens.
            4. Pastel and Foliage spray An arrangement for caskets created with a few soft-hued flowers and more foliage.
            5. Beautiful red casket spray A casket spray of beautiful red and orange flowers and a few greens.
            6. Gerbera Spray Set of 3 A set of 3 containing arrangements made with gerbera daisies of different colors.
            7. Day Dream Dish GardenA dish-like tub containing different types of lush green foliage.
            8. Designer’s choice VibrantAn arrangement of vibrant flowers like orange, peach roses, purple orchids, clematis, etc.

            Hope this list of flowers and arrangements helps you get your perfect funeral flowers. Don’t forget to attach a thoughtful note.


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