Flower Fragrance That Lasts the Longest

The placement of scented plants is of utmost importance. The flowers from Petal Pushers florist Knoxville Fragrance lasts the longest.

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A lot of things have to be considered while planning a garden. First, you have to choose your plants depending on colors, textures, and foliage. Then, there is a choice between perennial and annual flowers.

The one thing that gets overlooked is the scent, but it adds an extra layer of richness to the garden. You can invest in plants with decadent fragrances even if you don’t have a wide landscape. Some of the plants with luxurious scents are given below.

Best Scented Flower from Knoxville Florist

Tuberose Flower

A perennial plant, tuberose is bulbous in shape and provides flowers for about two years in its lifespan. Its flowers are very elegant and emit a strong scent, which provides freshness. Depending on the variety, these plants can last up to 2-3 days.

Jasmine Flower

Jasmine is one of the most popular fragrant flowers and can be grown in houses having perennial climbers in the form of huge-sized bushes. These flowers can stay natural for two days, though this depends on the location and arrangement.

Roses Flower

The smell of roses is subtle, but it has captured everyone’s hearts because of its look and color. Roses Flowers are timeless and classic; their evocative scent is appropriate for almost all occasions. Moreover, the essential oil of roses has healing qualities.

Hyacinth Flower

Hyacinth has numerous bright and beautiful colors that evoke the feeling of spring. It has a smell to that of lavender. This plant is easily available in flower shops in Knoxville, TN, and its flowers live about two weeks without needing any support to maintain a proper and original bloom.

Gardenia Flower

The intoxicating scent of gardenia is perfect for every occasion and makes people want to keep on inhaling repeatedly. It blends beautifully in a home that has a natural environmental decoration. Gardenia blooms in early summer and then late summer.

Lavender Flower

The scent of lavender is widely known for its soothing effect, which helps with anxiety. In addition, lavenders decorate well and also have a long-lasting fragrance.

Lilac Flower

Lilac is purple, and its scent resembles that of magnolia. Lilac, with its look and smell, gives a vintage spring vibe. The tiny bud-like floral arrangement makes it a perfect present for birthdays or wedding ceremonies. The flowers have a mild essence that blends easily with the natural surroundings.

Freesia Flower

Freesia has a fresh smell; its flowers come in a wide range of colors which mostly grow during winter. The exceptions are white, orange, blue, lavender, red, yellow – freesias of these shades grow in the summer.

Magnolia Flower

Magnolias bloom in summer and spring, depending on the variety. They have a sweet smell. This plant grows best in well-draining, rich soil full of sunspots.

You can get any of the above flowers from florist Knoxville TN 37919. They have a flower delivery near Knoxville. The placement of scented plants is of utmost importance. You can keep them in pots and containers by the front door or along walkways. If kept near windows, you can catch a whiff of their scent when there is a breeze.


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