Fresh Flower Care Tips For Newly Delivered Flowers

To keep your flower fresh, you need to follow certain steps and need to keep in mind a few things when you plan to reach a flower shop Knoxville TN.

  • Flower Care Tips

Flowers are an instant mood booster, and they bring happiness whenever we get a glimpse of them. Just like flowers bloom in a beautiful manner, it also blooms our mind, and the only thing which is better than flowers are fresh Flowers. Everyone loves flowers but only until they’re freshly picked and have that soothing smell.

Unfortunately, the natural state of flowers or any other plant doesn't last for a long time, and they dry up after getting picked from the earth and placed in some artificial place, even though if it is submerged in water. To keep your flower fresh, we at Petal Pushers have your back to guide you in following certain steps and few pointers to keep in mind when you plan to reach a flower shop Knoxville Tn.

Why do Flowers need to be taken care of?

Flowers come with roots which is a filter that prevents back several bacterias and fungus from entering the body of the plant. They also act as the water & nutrients transportation service of the flowers and maintains their pH level. So when we take out a flower, we cut off the roots, and as a result of the removal of the filtering system, they are prone to bacteria.

Some steps to make your Flowers look fresh day after day

1. Flowers may look beautiful, but they’re to be handled with care, and as a result, the vase which holds the flowers, can easily catch dust. Therefore, it is very important to first clean the vase with soap water or at least normal water before keeping any new flowers in it. Another point to remember is not to dry clean the vase as all the dust particles may not get removed in this process.

2. As the plant cannot make its own food, it needs to be fed too, so it is important to give it proper flower food, which is normally a mixture of bleach, citric acid, and sugar. These are the three most essential ingredients for a flower.

3. When you get some flowers, it is important to cut the stem at the proper height so it can fit in the vase. The way to do it is to make a proper diagonal cut across the stem with a sharp knife. This sharp Cut is necessary to remove any foliage which may be left in the stem line as it can introduce bacteria in the clean water.

4. Flowers are a delicate item, and it needs to be placed in a suitable place in the house and not randomly anywhere. The thing which you need to bear in mind here is to keep it away from any source of direct sunlight such as window or doors and also any source of heat radiation like gas stove or microwave

5. When you keep a flower in a vase for a long day, you will notice that the water starts becoming cloudy. This indicates that the water in the vase needs to be changed, and this change needs to be done after every alternative day or two to keep the flowers in the best shape possible.

Special care for some particular Flowers by petalpushers

  1. Our Carnations: Carnations are typically sensitive to ethylene, generally released by vegetables, fruits, and dying plant materials. Hence, it is essential to keep carnations away from any veggies and fruits and don't bring them in close contact with any other plant in your home.
  2. Our Daisies: These are some of the thirstiest flowers one can get. So, it is important to check their water level often and try to change the water or add water to it regularly. Explore our best daisies collection from here at Petal Pushers.
  3. Our Roses: The outer petals of the Rose are called guard petals as they act as a shield to the inner part. Therefore, it is very important not to remove that part or else the inner part can fall out. Also, it is necessary that the water line should not fall below the leaves present in the stems of the roses.
  4. Our Hydrangeas: Not many people know that these flowers have a sweet tooth. So to keep these Flowers in the best shape, mix ¼ Cup of soda into some water and put that in the vase and see the hydrangeas bloom in a much better way than you expected them to.

Well, flowers are always a special gift, and fresh flowers bring with them a sense of joy and happiness. So to make this joy last more, you need to take the utmost care of those flowers and handle them with care. Following the above steps from us will make sure that your flowers are in the best shape possible. Just for your knowledge, We also provide wedding flowers delivery Knoxville Tn?


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