7 Sympathy Flowers to Show Your Love and Support

Flowers help you express your emotions in a way that also cheers up the receiver.

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Sympathy is an emotion that makes us what we are, an emotion that makes us human. At times we find ourselves in a situation where we have to show our support, our car and live to others in times that are tough and in times that are tedious. And in these moments where you wish to express yourself flowers are a key. Flowers help you express your emotions in a way that also cheers up the receiver. You can find the best funeral flowers at floral shops in knoxville tn.

Here is a list of flowers that keep your spirits high in tough times-

Number 1- Gerbera Daisies

These flowers come in vibrant colors, and grow as a single bloom on each stem. Gerberas of course come from the family of daisies. Gerbera daisies are present in all colors bright like hot pink, orange, red, yellow and more. You can make a rainbow wreath out of these flowers or a standing spray. These flowers are long lasting and easily available.

Number 2- Roses

Roses have been a classic and symbolize deep love. Roses will remind you of your love for the deceased and your true connection with them. Roses are versatile and can be used in wreaths of different shapes and sizes, in casket sprays, standing sprays and more. Roses come in various colors and types and you can choose one according to your arrangement type.

Number 3- Lilies

Lilies are another flower that is a popular choice funeral flower, lilies come in various subtypes and colors. There are oriental lilies, stargazer lilies, trumpet lilies and more. You can get a flower arrangement bouquet full of assorted lilies organized in a tall vase. This can be kept around the venue.

Number 4- Snapdragons

These tall flowers are often used in funeral caskets that are kept on the casket or even inside. Snapdragons come in vibrant shades, and are tall with blooms on either of its sides. These are also known as dragon or dog flowers as they resemble these creatures. The blooms on this are little but full.

Number 5- Daisies

These flowers are available in abundance and have more than 100 species. Daisies can be easily spotted. These flowers are a good pick if you are wanting to bring something to the family of the deceased. Daisies go well in a basket as well, so you can arrange these flower in a basket and put them around the venue.

Number 6- Chrysanthemums

This flower is a great alternative to usual flowers like roses, you can go for a bunch of red chrysanthemums for your flower arrangement. These work well by themselves and also with other bouquets.

Number 7- Carnations

Carnations are flowers that look pretty, and are symmetrical. White carnations are generally used for women and mothers. You can also use pink carnations and other colors like red.

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