8 Romantic Plants to Gift on Valentine’s Day

With love in the air, this Valentine’s revive your love with well thought out surprises and gifts that are deeply personal. You can switch it up with Romantic Plants for your lover.

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you must have geared up your prep for this, with chocolates, a special gift, and a bouquet of flowers. Valentine's day is not just about gifts and sweet surprises but it is so much more. With love in the air, this Valentine’s revive your love with well thought out surprises and gifts that are deeply personal. You can switch it up with Romantic Plants for your lover.

Plants are a sustainable gift that are long lasting and remind you of your loved ones often. You can easily order a Romantic plant for valentine day and surprise them. Here is a quick list of plants from petal pushers -

Peace Lily Plant

With a variety of flowers in the market you can grab any for your upcoming valentine date. But If you are looking for something super impressive and out of the box then you can go for ever growing Peace lily plant. This plant has big leaves with a cup like white bloom. This signifies tranquility and healing.


Rose Plant

Rose Plant
Rose Plant Delivery

Roses are an ideal pick for this romantic day, but to keep it everlasting. Why not get a rose plant that blooms every now and then. Spreading a sweet scent all around and making them remember you. Roses are an eternal symbol of love and affection so you can never go wrong with them.

Lily of Valley Plant

Lily of valley Plant
Lily of Valley Plant Delivery

This delicate looking flower bears white bulbs of that dangle from the green stem in the most adorable way. If you are a sucker for details then this one is definitely for you. Coming to what it means, peace lily symbolizes love and purity.

Common Hyacinth Plant

Common Hyacinth Plant
Common Hyacinth Plant Delivery

Another lovely bunch of fresh, bright, colorful flowers. That grows well in pots and gardens, Hyacinth is not your usual flower. With a cluster of petals from top to middle that surround the whole shaft giving it a 360 orientation. These signify prayers for love, recreational play.

Amaryllis Plant

Amaryllis Plant
Amaryllis Plant Delivery

A common flower seen around the christmas time, amaryllis are the beautiful red blooms with a short dark green stem. Interestingly they don't actually belong to the lilly family, they just call it that because of the way its petals are shaped. Pointed, with tear drop shape. Amaryllis symbolize pride, strength and determination.

Orchid Plant

Orchid Plant
Orchid Plant Delivery

A classic bloom that looks chic in any space, Orchids are super fine with their intricate design, and unique color palette. From tinted lime green to sober whites you will get it all. Orchids, especially purple ones symbolize royalty.


Marigold Plant
Marigold Plant Delivery

A bright popping flower that will burst open energy for you, go a little out of your way and grab a Marigold flower, it is easy to take care of and the blooms stay intact for a long period of time. Marigolds symbolize passion and power.

Jade Plant

Jade Plant
Jade Plant Delivery

A true plant that does not really bear flowers but the leaves on this one are amazing. Not just the regular green but you will see a touch of pink on this too. The combination of green and pink will remind you of flamingos and a tropical island. This plant symbolizes good luck.


You can get these plants and also fresh flowers from any Knoxville TN Florist, not just that you can get same day plant delivery in Knoxville TN as well. This valentine's day film their heart with love and their house with plants.

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